Welcome back! Our second year together has had an amazing start and the students and I are excited to share our learning and experiences with you. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us as well. Enjoy exploring!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The 100th Day!

Boy were we busy on Friday celebrating the 100th day of school! We began the special day by wearing fun glasses and coloring in a flag to show that we are now 100 days smarter. The students also brought in projects having to do with the number of the day and got a chance to show their work to Ms. Kate's students and also take a trip to her classroom to see the many wonderful projects in there as well. After viewing the projects we met in our classroom and made a 100th day gorp with the collection of snacks that the students brought in. As we mixed all the goodies we counted by 100's until all the goldfish, M&Ms, marshmellows and other treats were in the bowl. If I am remembering correctly, I believe we made it up to 2,900 pieces of gorp...wow! After snack, our class and Ms. Kate's class mixed to complete special 100th day activities, such as making a design with 100 pattern blocks, making different groups of numbers that equal 100, measuring 100 unifix cubes, and the tasty station...creating a fruit loop necklace. There was also a challenge to write down as many words as you know and see if you could reach 100 and it was really neat to see the students dive right into it. Above is a video of our exciting morning, stay tuned for some more videos very soon, enjoy!