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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eating Healthy and Keeping Active

We have just finished our first science unit about the Human Body! The students and I have been busy learning about the Five Senses and then we wrapped up with learning about how important it is to eat healthy and stay active. We took a class walk around the school to open up a discussion about fun activities to do to stay healthy and get exercise. The students came up with a long list of things they like to do, there were activities from jogging to luge.

A show called Food Play came, hosted by Hannaford, to teach the kids about how our bodies need something from every food group to stay healthy. The two characters were athletes, and very talented jugglers, and taught us sayings such as, "Read it, before you eat it". The students loved it!

The students also learned how to navigate the blog and find the healthy food games that are there. We played one together as a whole class and tried to get to Planet Power by making smart and healthy choices for meals throughout the day. The students did a great job looking at the different categories and filling up on energizing foods. This past week we started with our morning computer schedule for Ease-In time and each student was playing a healthy food game!

This week we will be beginning our first Social Studies unit about families and how families now are similar and different to families from long ago. In the next couple of weeks we will be having discussions and doing activities about the many kinds of families, family members and different family traditions. It will be all about family, family, family!

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